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Aquamarine Water Solutions

Complete Kit

Complete Kit

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Ensure safe drinking water - Our Complete Kit provides everything you need to get started with regular maintenance and monitoring of your boat’s freshwater system: 100 Aquatabs Marine water purification tablets, 50 chemical-free Sensafe test strips, 1 flow meter, 1 sample cup & 1 color chart card.

Eliminate harmful microorganisms - Aquatabs Marine water purification tablets are effective against bacteria, viruses, and giardia cysts, preventing related water borne diseases. They can continue releasing measured doses of purifying free chlorine weeks after treatment for ongoing purification.

Purify your water in 30 minutes - Simply drop 1 Aquatab into your boat’s tank for every 4 gallons of water. Your water will be ready to drink in just 30 minutes as the active ingredient, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, adds a small, safe amount of free chlorine to your water system.

Check your water is safe to drink - The included EPA-approved test strip kit quickly and accurately indicates whether you have sufficient free chlorine in your tank to ensure safe, clean, great-tasting drinkable water - free of any unpleasant taste, color, or “rotten egg” odor.

Measure tablets needed after refills - Attach the water flow meter to your water supply as you refill or top off your water to measure the gallons you’ve added to your steel, aluminum or plastic tank. Know how many more Aquatabs Marine water purifier tablets you need.

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Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Piece of Gear!

Absolutely required to have on hand when things go wrong--badly wrong. This is an excellent start out kit with test strips to ensure your vital drinking water supply is safe and potable. Whether for camping, boating, emergencies, bug-out bags, whatever. This is simply irreplaceable for survival.

Great Start For Water Treatment

I've used Aquatabs before while hiking. Those worked well, but only treated one liter at a time and did not come with test strips.These are for treating larger volumes of water (4 gal. each tablet) The kit comes with a flow meter to gauge how much water you've added to your tank, and test strips which are easy to use.Simple to use and easy to verify with the included test strips, this is a nice kit to get you started.

Nancy Wheeler
Easy to use - really like the test strips

This water purification set comes with several components. One is a water meter that is battery operated. It takes a 2032 button battery which is included. This meter will measure how much water passes through it. It is included with this water purification system, but the paperwork that comes with it says that it is designed for gardening only. It has a minimum flow rate of 52 gallons per minute. This meter connects to a hose on both ends - it has a male end and female end. It has buttons on the front that will reset the counter so that you can know how many gallons have been used.The rest of the items in this kit are actually for purifying water. It comes with a bottle of 100 Aquatabs for purifying the water. It also comes with 50 test strips to check for free chlorine in the water. The free chlorine present at a specified level is how to tell that water has been purified. These test strips have a range scale printed on the side of the bottle that shows what range is acceptable.There is also a 2 oz plastic cup that can be used for taking a water sample for testing. This is a great kit to have for emergencies, on a boat, or when camping.

Using this as prep item

We are currently living in strange times, and fortunately for me I do have a well on my property, but the unfortunate part is that the well water can tend to be gross. This allows me to purify the water and make sure that it's clean enough for us to drink so I love having this kit. I love the fact that I can test the water before and also that the Hose connector will tell you if you need more tabs or not. Never knew that something like this existed and in an emergency situation or if you're a prepper, this is going to be something you must have in your arsenal.

Charles P.
An all-in-1 nice starter kit

This kit has 100 tabs that treat 4 gallons of water each, 50 test strips with a test cup and an included in line water hose fill flow meter. Once the system is checked and freed of any microorganisms this kit keeps the potable water tasting fresh and clean without any noticeable chemically smell or taste. Each treatment tab is rated to treat 4 gallons of water so this is a 400 gallon treatment kit with tabs and test strips being the only replacement consumables needed. So far this is a good value for the price.