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Aquamarine Water Solutions

Aquatabs Marine 397 mg tub - 100/unit

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Aquatabs Marine is a purifying tablet which is added to drinking water to kill harmful micro-organisms. The tablet quickly dissolves and disinfects water in 30 minutes. 1 tablet can treat up to 4 gallons of water.  The product is EPA registered and NSF certified.

Customer Reviews

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Pedro Escandon

Pills do what they’re supposed to. Our water is drinkable

David Caracci
Best customer service I've seen in a LONG time

Unfortunately, it is common for companies to have sites such as this, asking for customer input. Then just as common for them to ignore customer requests or negative comments. NOT so with Aquamarine !! After purchasing the product, I misunderstood some issues and was afraid to use Aquatabs. Discovering my concern, one of the company founders contacted me personally, with assurance, technical input and actually an idea for improving my water system. I am now a 100% fan of Aquamarine. All it took was someone with the manufacturer to pay attention to the customer concern and share their wealth of knowledge. BRAVO!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful review! Onboard water systems don't often get the attention they need and we are happy to be able to bring safety and confidence to such an important system onboard. Feel free to reach out anytime you have a question!

Lynn Means

Will not be using until next year.