Why do I need a Starter Kit?

Why do I need a Starter Kit?

The AWS Starter Kit is a great way to get everything you need to begin easily maintaining your freshwater system. Aquatabs Marine is easy to use, just add 1 tablet for each 4 gallons of water. 

But when your topping off your tanks, how do you know how many tablets to add?  That is where the Save a Drop Flow Meter comes in handy.  Simply attach the meter to your supply hose and measure the volume of water you are adding to your tank, and you can then easily determine how many boat water purification tabs to add to treat the added volume of water.

What about when you've returned to you boat after a couple of weeks away.  Did your last treatment hold?  Or do you need to add more Aquatabs Marine?  That is where the SenSafe Free Chlorine Test Strips come in handy.  Simply run some water from one of your onboard faucets and test the amount of free chlorine using the Test Strips.  This will tell you if you have a sufficient amount of free chlorine to keep your water safe and smelling fresh or if you need to add additional water purification tabs.  

As long as the SenSafe test strips show between 1 and 2 parts per million (or mg/l) you are all set.  If your water readings are between .5 and 1 part per million, you would add a 1/2 treatment (1 tablet per 8 gallons) if you are below .5 parts per million you would treat tanks according to the normal instructions (1 tablet per 4 gallons).

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