Treating Large Water Tanks

Treating Large Water Tanks

When it comes to maintaining large water tanks onboard, many boaters face the challenge of justifying the treatment of numerous tablets in vast quantities of water. At Aquamarine Water Solutions, we understand this dilemma, and we're here to offer practical solutions to ensure clean, drinkable water for your voyages.

Periodic Treatment with AquaTabs Marine:

For boaters with substantial water tanks, we recommend periodic treatment with AquaTabs Marine. Especially if you're leaving your boat for an extended period, ensuring that your tanks are full of water and treated with AquaTabs Marine provides the best chance of maintaining clean, drinkable water onboard. This simple yet effective approach helps keep contaminants at bay, providing peace of mind during your adventures.

Maintenance Dose with Shock Biofilm Eliminator:

If you already have confidence in your water source—whether it's from a water maker or properly chlorinated municipal water—consider using a maintenance dose of Shock Biofilm Eliminator. Adding a tablespoon of shock for every hundred gallons of water at each fill helps prevent the growth of bacteria and biofilm inside your tanks. This economical solution ensures that your tanks remain clean and your water stays safe for consumption.

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