Navigating Water Makers

Navigating Water Makers

When it comes to water makers, many boaters often overlook the need to treat their tanks and plumbing. While the water produced by these systems may be clean, the tanks and pipes it flows through can still harbor contaminants. Once water is contaminated, the risk remains, regardless of its source. 

In warm climates, stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and biofilm growth in your tanks. Even with a water maker onboard, it's crucial to take preventive measures. A combination of Aquatabs Marine and regular freshwater flushing with a carbon block filter is necessary to keep your water free from contaminants. Additionally, a maintenance dose of Aquamarine Water Solutions Shock Biofilm Eliminator can further inhibit growth and maintain plumbing cleanliness.

One of the big concerns that people who have water makers is how will these products interact with the membrane in their water maker. Chlorine can cause damage to the membrane, so the most important thing to seek in a water maker is on that includes a carbon block filter on the freshwater flush. Carbon block will offer you a much better ratio of carbon to water that's passing through and ensure that all of the free chlorine that's in the water is eliminated before flushing the membrane.

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