How to use Shock Biofilm Eliminator

How to use Shock Biofilm Eliminator

If you're dealing with an older water system that smells like rotten eggs or you're unsure about its quality despite using AquaTabs Marine, it might be time for a more aggressive treatment. That's where Shock Biofilm Eliminator comes in.

What is Shock Biofilm Eliminator?

Shock Biofilm Eliminator has historically been utilized in commercial settings, including by municipal water companies to keep their plumbing systems free from growth. Each bottle treats a hundred gallons of water, making it a potent solution for tackling stubborn contaminants in your onboard water system.

How to Use Shock Biofilm Eliminator:

Using Shock Biofilm Eliminator is straightforward. Start by filling your tanks halfway with water, then add the product. Remove all screens and shower heads from your boat, and ideally treat the system while it's still in the water. The boat's movement helps dislodge growth from tank walls and plumbing.

Run water through each faucet to ensure the product contacts all surfaces in the plumbing system. Repeat this periodically throughout the 24-hour treatment period. Once complete, flush your system. If you notice brown sloughing off, it indicates significant growth removal. Continue flushing until the water runs clear.

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