Do I still need Aquatabs Marine if I have a watermaker?

Do I still need Aquatabs Marine if I have a watermaker?

A watermaker or reverse osmosis (RO) system will generally produce "clean" water.  However, once that water is introduced to your tank and plumbing, it can become contaminated. 

Water tanks are vented which allows for airborne or other organisms to get into the system.  Accordingly, in order to assure the water is safe and the tanks are free from stinky biofilm, it is recommended that Aquatabs Marine be used to maintain the onboard plumbing even with a watermaker.

It should be noted that use of chlorine based products (including dockside municipal water) should only be used with an active carbon filter on the freshwater flush.

We are constantly speaking with representatives of top watermakers and RO systems to help ensure the safety of your system when used with Aquatabs Marine.  Aquatabs Marine introduces a measured dose of free chlorine into the water, approximately 1.2 parts per million.  At this level, we are told that the active carbon filters will reduce the chlorine to a safe level for the watermaker membrane.

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